Queer Ultraviolence: BASH BACK! Anthology

Tegan Eanelli, Fray Baroque (eds.) | Queer Ultraviolence: BASH BACK! Anthology

This is a Bash Back! anthology. It takes a peek at the radical Queer tendency and/or (non)organization from 2007 to 2011. The anthology includes interviews, analysis, communiques, and other documents relating to Bash Back! and the tendency that it spawned. “We view queer as the blurring of sexual and gender identities. Queer is the refusal of fixed identities. It is a war on all identity. In line with the Bash Back! tendency, for the uses of this anthology queer is trans because the gender binary is inherently oppressive. More often than not, our use of the term queer is interchangeable with our use of trans, though that is not necessarily true of the way in which trans-whatever is used. With these notions we are not naïve. We acknowledge that society ensures Queer is an oppressed identity. Anti-Queer oppression is the systematic violence that people who fall outside of traditional sexual or gender categories encounter.

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