Sylvia Marcos (ed.) | Gender/bodies/religions

Gender/Bodies/Religions, edited by Sylvia Marcos, takes us on a tour to the world through the experiences of women linked to different religious traditions. From at least three continents, the voices and the experiences of women of different religious traditions are analyzed from various theoretical perspectives, resulting in important insights as much for feminist theory as for religious sociology and anthropology. In this anthology Sylvia Marcos has put together works which continue the feminist-developed analysis of the body and the way in which it has been converted into an arena in dispute for the control woman sexuality anf feminine identity. Many feminist studies have questioned the existenceof the body as something natural and merely biological, since our concepts of it-and the concepts promoted by science and religion- are framed by culture. Nevertheless, until now, most feminist studies have been centered on the analysis of the body from Western point of view, and in many cases from the analysis of science as a discourse of power whose representations legitimize exclusions and inequality. Gender/Bodies/Religions, offers a new perspective on this debate by including analysis of discourses and religious practices which construct the female body in different cultural contexts

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