Contesting female, feminist and muslim identities

Zilka Spahic Siuljak (ed.) | Contesting female, feminist and muslim identities. Post-socialist Contexts of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo

This book is the result of a two-year-long research project, “feminism in post socialist Muslim contexts in BiH and Kosovo”, which was conducted by the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (CIPS), University of Sarajevo.
This rich volume offers a comprehensive and complex analysis of gender ideas and practices and the feminism that confront them within Islamic and secular contexts, adroitly entwining the historical, philosophical, and political.
Wide-ranging and incisive theoretical discussion in combination with nuanced oral histories of Muslim women in BiH and Kosovo, including both observant and non-observant women of two generations, mark this work as unique and invaluable. In this study, examining feminism in post-socialist BiH and Kosovo, identity, positioning, and women’s experience are central themes. The narrative of women’s perceptions, understandings, everyday experiences, encounters, avoidances, and activisms comprise the complicated and troubled picture of feminisms in contemporary BiH and Kosovo.

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