Women, Music, Culture

Julie C. Dunbar | Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction

Women, Music, Culture is an undergraduate textbook on the history and contribution of women in a variety of different musical genres and professions. Clear writing, compelling narrative, and more than fifty guided listening examples bring the world of women in music to life. It includes a wide array of pedagogical aids, including an abundance of photographs, a comprehensive companion website, critical thinking exercises, as well as a running glossary that reinforces key figures and terms. Covering important figures in art music and popular music, it examines a community of women involved in the world of music, including producers, consumers, performers, technicians, mothers, educators and listeners.
Table of Contents
Part 1 Telling Musical Stories: Missing Voices in the Documentation of Musical Traditions
Part 2 Restricted Domains: Gender Spheres In Art Music
Part 3 Visual Images in an Aural World
Part 4 A Century of Change: The Impact of Education on Women’s Art Music Activity
Part 5 No Longer “One of the Boys”

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